Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cool Incentives Up For Grabs

28th February 2008 - It has finally comes to an end on one of the incentive programme offered by DiGi. It all started since November 2007 where many cool prizes and extra commisions were offered to individuals who meet the requirements. I was indeed very excited and shocked to see the list of prizes to be given away.

I've always wanted to have this even when i'm in secondary school where a friend of mine has it. I'm always tempted to buy one when I've started working but "mm seh tuck" to buy because it's really expensive!!! That is why I'm so sxcited when DiGi offers such incentives. I've never thought of having one till I really have extra extra $$$$ to spend. Really hope to get it soon as I'm still leading in the incentive programme. =)
Grand Prize - TAG Heuer Watch
1st - Toshiba Notebook
2nd - Travel Voucher worth RM2000
3rd - HP iPAQ PDA Phone
4th & 5th - Travel Voucher worth RM1500
6th to 8th - Nokia Handphones


Friday, February 1, 2008

Ice Cream!!!

31st January 2008 - It's 31st!!! This is the day that people are waiting for and will rush to the nearest outlet to enjoy their favourite ice cream with GREAT DISCOUNT! For me, mint chocolate chip, chocolate chip and of course, RUM raisin are my favourites. I've been waiting for this day so that I can whack all of them at one go. But Why? Why? It only happens on the 31st and now I would have to wait til March to enjoy the 31% discount.

*make sure you're at BR outlets but not cafe, otherwise you'll miss the 31% discount!*
I want this everyday!!!