Friday, January 23, 2009

CNY AngPow

23rd January 2009 - Chinese New Year is coming very soon. DiGi is generous enough this year! All the staff received a BIG AngPow from the company, RM321! We did not expect anything more than RM10 per person when they announced the company is giving AngPow. Most of us were still busy doing our work due to the long CNY holiday.

I was just curious about the amount that the company will give, so I went down to the Lobby area to find out the amount. The moment i stepped out from the elevator, the entire Lobby was full and everyone was already queuing for their AngPow.


#3 We are today

#2 we should soon say

#1 in ECE the DiGi way

From three to one (321)

Will there be more surprises this year?


Thursday, October 9, 2008


10th October 2008 - Always say busy with work and no time for this and that. All are just excuses. I've not been updating my blog for a very long time. Really "fatt mou" already. =.='
Actually I've taken a lot of photos for the pass one month and wanted to blog about it. But whenever I'm home sitting in front of my computer, I'll start chasing TVB series. It's like my default mode for now.
Anyway, I'll just post some of the events from my work place this time. Hope that there will be more happening and eventful programs towards the end of the year.

Star Wars and Harry Porter Clan

The King's Council

Star Wars Space Ship (war games)

Harry Porter's gate (capture flag)Magic ShowDinner hosted by Tony Roma's

Enjoying X-Box in the office during lunch hours...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Calling All Fellow Spartans!

5th August 2008 - My ex-Head of Department, Yohani Yusof sent this out today. Not sure what will the Mighty 400 be doing. I did not click on anything cause I'm afraid the challenge might need to do a bit of running. I'm still cacat la!!! =.='

Be one of our or pay the price when you are crushed by our army.
In 480 BC, King Leonidas took a stroll with 300 of his best men to defend his homeland of Sparta from being conquered by 1,000,000 marauding conqueror. Hugely outnumbered, Leonidas and his army of 300 managed to hold back the invading army with pure grit and ingenuity. Their tale has lived on through the centuries and they are a symbol of bravery, honor and courage.

Just like Leonidas and his army of 300, the challenge ahead for our homeland is crucial. The survival of our people and our way of life is threatened. Unlike the Battle of Thermopylae, our campaign will be victorious because we will have you.

Yes, you!

You are one of the 400 most disciplined well-trained and fearless people that are invited to join us in our glorious campaign to win D’Challenge on the 15th of August 2008.
If you choose to join our army, click on “Yes, I will eat my enemies!”, if you resist our efforts, click on “No, I will be crushed to a pulp (…help)”.

The battle ahead is uncertain. The things that we have to do are uncertain. All be revealed when our Oracle, Mr. Johan Dennelind, decides on what the challenges we will face on the 15th day of the month of August.

But mark my words fellow Spartans, one certainty is that we will PREVAIL!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Another New Toy!!!

24th July 2008 - I finally got it!!! I've booked one for myself when it first launch few months ago. I've been waiting impatiently everyday and my boss asked me this afternoon if I want one and asked another colleague to get it from her dealer.

There are only 1000 units in Malaysia and I got the 144th YellowMan. It comes with a certificate as well. The retail price for it is RM89.90 nationwide and I got it for RM72 after discount for all DiGi staff. All the 1000 units are probably taken by DiGi staff only. Maybe it's too valuable cause my colleague said she saw people put it on ebay and it's selling at the price of 300USD!!! Not sure if it's true or not and that is why I want to get one for myself. (can sell it when I'm broke) =p

As long it's not the toilet =.='

Wish I can have a 10 feet Yellow Man guarding my houseAh yes!!! My house has the Widest Coverage now. Ekekekeke

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quans Ice Cream & Coffee

8th July 2008 - Went to Quans for dinner and yum cha session together with Howdy and Kingdrian, our regular spot for dinner and water blowing session. (go there almost 3 to 4 times a week) The reason we like to go there is because of ICE JASMINE and the food. It's simply delicious and economical. Howdy will always order two plates and end up 'pei-ing' for the rest of the night. Haha...
Refreshing Ice Jasmine Tea (1 litre)

This afternoon we got a complimentary Fried Abalone Mushroom from one of the waiter, Saruz because we sent him funny ring tones few months ago. He's a very nice and funny guy from Nepal. I gave him a nickname, Rhino (Rhino+Saruz) hahaha.. and he said it's ok cause it's one of the wrestler in TNA.
Fried Abalone Mushroom

Guess we'll be going there again tomorrow night for dinner with my brothers. =p
Sizzling Chicken ChopIce Cream Waffle

MRI Scan & Physiotherapy

8th July 2008 - Went to Pantai Hospital in Pandan Indah this morning for MRI Scan & Physiotherapy. Spent almost the whole day in the hospital. Damn boring!!! Luckly my mum was with me throughout the whole day and also Kit after her work.

Went for some light exercise in the REHAB Centre before going for MRI Scan. Was struggling trying to straighten my leg, stretching the muscle and squeezing the ball with both thigh. The physio advised me to do all the exercises everyday so that my muscles will not soften, otherwise sure 'kantoi' BIG TIME!!! Besides exercising, the physio did UltraSound on my leg (dunno why they do it) and Electrical Stimulation treatment to ease the pain.

REHAB Centre in Pantai HospitalWhile waiting for the PhysiotherapistExhausted after forcing myself to stretch
UltraSound Treatment
Electrical Stimulation Treatment

After all the treatment, I went for the scan that took me almost 45 minutes in the capsule. Fell asleep inside cause they provide headphones and I was hoping that they'll play REHAB in the playlist. I farted inside the capsule as well... haha.. =p The doctor advised me to be admitted to the hospital for at least one or two days but I refused cause I'll be damn bored staying alone at night!!!
Both Miniscus and ACL torn!!! =.='

Finally, the doctor wrote a referral letter to a Pyhsiotherapist and stated "Please start an intensive REHAB for Tan Yee Meng as soon as possible" This time they are really trying to make me go to REHAB and I will definitely say YEA!!! YEA!!! YEA!!! Otherwise I'll be spending the rest of my life without sports! Will have to go for surgery after healing. (hopefully in 2 to 3 months time)
Similar to Michael Owen's knee injury during the World Cup

Monday, July 7, 2008


7th July 2008 - The weather was fantastic this evening and it's definitely good for all the football kakis... Went to the field late today cause was sticking to the mahjong table the whole afternoon. Anyway, football was fun this evening until I injured myself. This is my worst injury in football so far!!! Suspect ligament torn. Sigh.. No Football for few months!!! WTH!!!

Was struggling going out of the field cause I can't walk at all. Kenny, Hoy Meng, Howdy and Chee Ming took turns to carry me. (what else??? my weight la!!!!) Struggle even more when I shower but luckly I can still stand with one leg. Went to a clinic refered by Chee Ming in Brickfields after cleaning up. Howdy and Zhen Bin drove me there and start making fun of me while treated by the doctor.

The physiotherapist is an experience guy. He is the official physio for Malaysia My Team FC. He refered me to his friend's clinic in Pantai Hospital Pandan Indah for MRI scan and asked me to go for REHAB for further treatment. THEY TRY TO MAKE ME GO TO REHAB, AND I SAID NO!! NO!! NO!! ekekekeke...

In pain while waiting for the JAB! (hate needles!!!)Much better after treatment...Treating the swollen part with Ice Pack & electrolysis machine. (feels like Kenko Fish Spa)Dunno which meniscus torn.. =.='Sigh.. Have to start whacking balls in driving range! No football for 2 months... =.='