Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gay Outing on Thaipusam Eve

22nd January 2008 - It was a boring night on Thaipusam eve. All of us are planless, so Howdy and Bin came to my house and brought me go yum cha in Friendster Cafe in Damansara. It was a nice place to hang out there where we can enjoy beautiful sceneries there. =p But one thing bad is we have to leave early because they close at 1.00am. We have to finish our drinks real fast!

Friendster Cafe

Our Friendsterchino Coffee
After drinking there we drove around PJ area and to my friend's newly converted 4 storey house in Kelana Jaya. Howdy and Bin were like, Wuahhh.... Trust me, it's really nice!! After going around her house we went to Poppy Garden to fetch a freind because she has no transport home. My garden was really empty that night where people can play police and thief inside. (Maybe I'm not around, that's why it's so empty.) Ekekeke..

After sending our friend home it's still very early, therefore we continue our gay outing where Howdy brought us to little Genting to check if there's any of our friends there.. emmmm.. you know what I mean and followed by Hulu Langat look out point. We spent almost an hour there chilling and taking gay pictures. Howdy your ultimate gay pose is with me! Hahaha... It's really nice up there where you can dine in or chill at the restaurants and cafes there. The view of KL from there is simply awesome!

Finally, we ended our G-outing at Steven's Corner where we watch Arsenal got trashed by Tottenham.. Yeahoo!!! Lousy Gunners is out!! Haha... It was a fun night going out with both of them although the places we went is a bit Gay. Haha...


Hulu Langat Look Out PointGasoline CafeDesire and Deceit Desire and DevastationDevastation and Deceit

Saturday, January 19, 2008

GoodBye My Lover

My Favourite

My Lover

18th January 2008 - It has been a while since i stopped exercising regularly. It is because of my busy schedule where I need to work and attend night classes for almost everyday. These are not excuses but it really takes up most of my time after night classes where I'll feel lazy and head straight to yum cha sessions with my buddies. (something is missing) =p

My mum is already complaining that I'm becoming like a married man with BIG BELLY. Ekekeke... Maybe I should start playing golf one day with one of my friend who's already playing in Mont Kiara. But that's the Dirrrrector's life because he invited me to play in the afternoon. I'm just an ordinary sales person for now but hope to be a Director one day but definitely not now. So I've no choice but to continue playing football every Sunday and get back to gym since I only have to attend 2 night classes this semester.

Last Thursday was a suffercating night in gym. Went there with Yuan Lih for cardio exercise but ended up with extra exercise. Met Keng and YL's friend there and they make me do 300 sit ups non stop. (I think I only did 50% or less) Ekekeke.. That was really too much for me and makes me feels a little dizzy. After doing that, I went for another round on the Walker machine to build up my stamina for football. This is becoming not so me as I'm working out regularly now. Not sure if I can stick to my new friends for long or not. Haha..


My new friend

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Work Place

15th January 2008 - Today is another stressful day for me as I've to rush for my appointment in KL and attend a meeting during lunch time in my office. After attending the meeting, I've to rush for another appointment in Kuchai Lama before joining my team for a road show in Brickfields. This makes me feel so exhausted and don't feel like doing anything. I'll just post some pictures of my office. (Pictures taken from Renee)=p

Courtyard area for parties!!
Another view of the Courtyard area
Waterfall area where beers are normally served =p
My work station

Chill out area

Another chill out area

Meeting rooms

Multi purpose hall where we play basketball

Our bakery from Norway


Monday, January 14, 2008

Final Year in University of Abertay Dundee

14th January 2008 - Went to college to attend the University induction this evening after work. Was rushing the whole day meeting customers and caught in the traffic jam. Damn stress!! This is going to be another boring year in class because there is no motivation at all. (refering to girls... =p) But it's ok as I have other places to motivate me. Ekekeke..

One of the representative from the University welcome us with his bag pipe.

Most of the students are paying attention to the speaker except me because I'm busy playing with my toy at the back of the lecture hall. =p
Can't wait to finish all my subjects so that I can fly far far to look for greater challenges and embark on my personal goals.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

SIA Interview

13th January 2008 - No!!! It's not me. I'm not qualified for SIA. Gan Li and I went to Concorde Hotel to accompany Kit for her interview. During our journey there, we discussed on where to have lunch after the interview at 1.00pm. I suggested Pavillion because I miss the beef noodles there. I'm anticipating for some pretty chicks while walking into the function rooms but both Gan Li and I were stopped by the coordinators. CIS!!! We get to see some of them during the toilet break and there were guys too who came for the interview. We were laughing at one guy who walks like Shakira. Maybe he is trying to tell the interviewer that his hips don't lie. HAHAHA!!! There are a few stages in the interview where the candidates would have to go through. Many people came out with disappointed faces and we noticed that Shakira guy actually called his friend to inform him that he's waiting for the result. 5 minutes later, he came out with his mobile phone and ask his friend to meet up to yum cha. HAHA!!! He got rejected!
The interview lasted until 7.00pm and Kit walk out happily and said, I GOT IN!!! The moment I heard that I start thinking of JOGOYA and can visualize myself with all the sushi. Ekekeke... CONGRATZ KIT!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

PaintBall in Mudtrekker Kuang

12th January 2008 - Went for paintball today somewhere in Sungai Buloh with Alex, Terence, Jenn Hoel, Tammy, Boon Teng, Hong Tee and his friends. We started our journey at 2.30pm after having lunch in Taman Paramount. DUCK RICE!!! It took us about 45 minutes to get there as it is really deep in the kampung area where you can see mat rempits riding without wearing any helmet and shirt. The roads are really bumpy and we almost went over the pot holes because the road condition is really bad!

All of us got excited when we reached there because the place is not like the ordinary paintball ground with inflatable bunkers. The one here are with real bunkers made of concrete bricks, abandoned buildings and very much like a jungle terrain. I was frightened by chickens when i walk into the abandoned buildings. =.=' Feel like shooting them when i get my marker but was told not to disturb the chickens and cats by the marshals.

After listening to the marshals on all safety precautions around the area, we started of with capture the flag game. We were separated into 2 teams with 8 people per team. The game went on very well shooting each other but everyone was not following the game's objective to capture opponent's flag. Everyone was camping at their own base and busy shooting each other from distance except for one hero, Mr. Howdy who kamikazee all the way and earned himself 5 shots at his back. HAHAHA!!! Afterthat, we proceed for Storm the Fortress game where each team would need to take turns to defend and attack. This was better than the previous one where we get to shoot more and start giving other people 'kali kai'.

We have no choice but to stop playing after a few rounds because of the rain. So potong stim!!! All of us are trapped in the jungle for about an hour before making our way to our cars. We were hungry and thirsty by then and Tammy suggested seafood dinner in Kepong. During our way back, i brought everyone for a tour in the kampung area because i went to the wrong direction. HAHA!!!=p

So Not Me!!!

This is so not me as I finally decided to start blogging. I've never ever thought of starting a blog or any other related homepage because it's just not my style. I'm not sure if I'm going to do this regularly like any other bloggers as I've endless of work and activities to attend.

The title Endless is very meaningful to me as it reminds me of all my buddies (forget about the rrrrr thing :p) since secondary school time. It all started of with my senior Boone who named this clan Endless where he actually got this name from the DC comic book series. Ever since then, all of us have nick names like dream, destruction, despair, desire, dread, devastation, deceive destiny, delirium and many more. (some of the names are not from the comic series) As for me, I'm given the nick endless deceit! Don't ask me why?