Friday, June 13, 2008

My Last & New Tank of Petrol

13th June 2008 - I had my last RM1.92 tank of petrol today that went up to 534km before I fill up the tank. I tried to go even further with my last tank but afraid my car will break down in the middle of the road cause the fuel meter has already crossed the red mark! Sigh... Fill up my petrol tank in SHELL Station near my office this afternoon and guess what? RM85 for my car!!! What the hell man??? I'm just driving a KELISA!!! Any idea how fast can I get a motorcycle license? Probably be one of the Mat Rempit. =p


My last tank...

WHY??? $$$$ =.='

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My New Toy!!!

12th June 2008 - Got myself a new toy this afternoon. $$$$!!! =.=' Was thinking of getting an iPhone at first but many of my friends said it's not convenient and might have problems with the software once a while. (sorry to all the iPhone freaks) Still a NO NO for PDA phones cause I hate using the stylus. Therefore, i stick back to my second best phone which consists of almost everything a handphone can offer. (except touch screen la of course...)


The Past

My New Toy!!! $$$$ =.='

New Saga RED...

Prime Minister touring in one of the booth

12th June 2008 - Went for an event last week in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. It was a tiring week where I have to be at the booth the whole day and the exhibition hall is freaking BIG! Hall 1 to hall 5!!! Crazy Gila.... Anyway, the event was really a good one where I managed to generate some business leads from the 3 days event.
Edward, Nic, Kevin & myself
My Team of playful colleagues (guess i'm the most playful one) =p

During the event, I was attracted by the Proton booth. They were having a showcase on the history of Proton cars and the newly lauched Proton Saga RED. (not sure if they're really launching it) The new Saga RED is freaking monsterous! The first Proton Saga which is red in colour was launched in 1985. Therefore, they are making this monsterous car in RED also with a bit of modification. I think this is the only Proton that looks good besides the Satri GTi. Hope they can come out with more fuel economy cars in future. (not gonna buy a Proton anyway)
Front view (Altezza?)Rear view (C Class?) haha...
Overall it looks Monsterous!!! (comes with a LCD touch screen and MoMo Accessories)

17" OZ Sports Rim (WTH??? car sure underpowered!!!)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

World Champion???

10th June 2008 - The loss is said to be a major disgrace to Italian Football Federation. Everyone is talking about it and it is commented to be the Italian loss of the century..... How could such a World Cup Champion, world class Italian players have loss 3 goals? This has been the topic of the day and many Italy fans are very down today but it's okay for me because I bet on Holland. Hahahaha....
Luca Toni
Disappointed Coach
Are they prepared to answer to the Mafians?
Mafian watched unhappily.... $$$$$$$$$This underdogs have more to give!!!


10th June 2008 - DiGi Customer Service has recently organized a futsal tournament in conjunction with EURO 2008 for all DiGi staff. The tournament will be played from 9th to 26th June. Each department will have to take part in this tournament and my department will be playing as team Portugal. The group stages will be exactly the same as the groups in EURO. Unfortunately, team Portugal lost to Turkey yesterday when we kick start the tournament. Apart from that, each team will have to send a cheerleading team. GOOD NEWS for all the guys. Ekekeke.
Opening Ceremony of the tournamentTeam Croatia & Austria in action
Team Portugal (not in our jersey yet =.=')
Our beautiful cheerleaders

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

5th June 2008 - It's THURSDAY!!! Kung Fu Panda is out in cinemas. I've been waiting for this movie since the beginning of the year. Took this picture during CNY shopping in Pavilion.

Anyone interested? Lets watch it on Friday. =p


Say Bye Bye!!! =(

5th June 2008 - It's a bad news for everyone, especially me today when petrol price increased to RM2.704 per litre. My plan to get it sometime next year has ended after the huge increase of petrol price. Some of my friends said the price will increase to RM4 to 4.50 per litre. What the HELL man...

I've a friend who just booked a Honda Civic and suppose to get it by this month, have no choice but to cancel the order because of this stupid price! Another friend of mine is worst cause his wife just bought a Honda CRV today while his already owning a Honda Civic not long ago. Why is this happening??? I want my Honda Civic!!! =(


Say Bye Bye... =(