Wednesday, May 21, 2008


21st May 2008 - Tomorrow is the day that most of us have been waiting for. It's 2007/2008 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL that will be held in Moscow, Rusia. It will be all English Final for the first time in European history. Many of us have been planning on where to watch the game although it's a weekday. Most of the mamak stalls or pubs and bistro will probably be full by early mid night while some may choose to watch at home.

Today, all DiGizens received a very special email from the Corporate Admin Team.

Dear DiGizens,

We're thinking of organising a small get together of football fans on the occasion of the Live Telecast of the European's Champions League Final, which will be played in Moscow at about 2.00am on Thursday morning (local time).

We have set up the facilities for streaming the live telecast direct into the big screen of our Studio in D'House and will consider to have the game on if there are enough of you (at least 20) who want to watch it in D'House.

Yes, of course we will set up the nice and comfy sofa sets; and yes of course there will be light refreshments for your self-service as you go through the game. You get to cheer as loud as you want and talk to other supporters like yourself during the break. You have to admit it's definitely better than watching it alone at home and screaming by yourself.

Just remember that the next day is still a work day, and no, we're not giving you an extra day off - that part is still on your own. So, if you're interested, please send a response directly to Stella Gan ( before 3.00 pm tomorrow and she'll let you know if its on or not. The ball (as they say) is now in your court!


This is so cool!!! I don't think any other companies will offer such facilities for their staffs. I'm now thinking of whether to join the rest of the DiGizens in the office or watch it in my room with my pillows. =p


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Mine Now!!! =p

13th May 2008 - It's mine now! Got this last Friday during company's function in Le Meredien Hotel. I've been waiting for this day to come and I've finally owned a Tag Heuer. This is one of the best incentives I've ever get besides $$$$ that I got last year.

Say bye bye to rubber watch! =p


I was extremely happy and proud to received the incentive. One thing good in doing sales is the extra incentives from the company on top of the commission. The next incentive offered is pretty attractive too. I'm looking forward in achieving it and go for a holiday in BALI with the top 20 achievers nationwide. This will be a 3 months challenge again where I have to hit 110% of my sales target and fight for the top 20 with more than 100 of sales person in the entire of DiGi Malaysia. It would be good if I can qualify for the fully paid trip. (can't wait!!!!)

Kuta Beach (damn relaxing wei...)

Perfect for couple! (that would be in Nov)=p