Tuesday, July 8, 2008

MRI Scan & Physiotherapy

8th July 2008 - Went to Pantai Hospital in Pandan Indah this morning for MRI Scan & Physiotherapy. Spent almost the whole day in the hospital. Damn boring!!! Luckly my mum was with me throughout the whole day and also Kit after her work.

Went for some light exercise in the REHAB Centre before going for MRI Scan. Was struggling trying to straighten my leg, stretching the muscle and squeezing the ball with both thigh. The physio advised me to do all the exercises everyday so that my muscles will not soften, otherwise sure 'kantoi' BIG TIME!!! Besides exercising, the physio did UltraSound on my leg (dunno why they do it) and Electrical Stimulation treatment to ease the pain.

REHAB Centre in Pantai HospitalWhile waiting for the PhysiotherapistExhausted after forcing myself to stretch
UltraSound Treatment
Electrical Stimulation Treatment

After all the treatment, I went for the scan that took me almost 45 minutes in the capsule. Fell asleep inside cause they provide headphones and I was hoping that they'll play REHAB in the playlist. I farted inside the capsule as well... haha.. =p The doctor advised me to be admitted to the hospital for at least one or two days but I refused cause I'll be damn bored staying alone at night!!!
Both Miniscus and ACL torn!!! =.='

Finally, the doctor wrote a referral letter to a Pyhsiotherapist and stated "Please start an intensive REHAB for Tan Yee Meng as soon as possible" This time they are really trying to make me go to REHAB and I will definitely say YEA!!! YEA!!! YEA!!! Otherwise I'll be spending the rest of my life without sports! Will have to go for surgery after healing. (hopefully in 2 to 3 months time)
Similar to Michael Owen's knee injury during the World Cup


adrianlee said...

gotta just becareful in future dude! lolol, but we can still ah yes anytime anywhere!

Anonymous said...

Hi! How's ur knee? Have u undergone surgery? I have found ur blog accidentally. I have been told that both of my meniscus and ACL torn as well. I have been attending physiotherapies these 2 weeks. Would like to know more about your actual case. Surgery is that the best solution? Could the surgery be avoided? How long you take to have full recovery? Hope you don't mind to share with ur experience. Thx. Have a blessed day.

Ben Cousins Injury said...

I hope you have recovered! So much of your treatment sounds very familiar, as I've had quite a few injuries over the years.

I've also been frustrated with some physiotherapists, including one who said they could not treat my painful condition any more. Then I found Newtown Physiotherapy in Sydney who diagnosed me properly and treated me so that I am now pain-free!

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