Friday, January 23, 2009

CNY AngPow

23rd January 2009 - Chinese New Year is coming very soon. DiGi is generous enough this year! All the staff received a BIG AngPow from the company, RM321! We did not expect anything more than RM10 per person when they announced the company is giving AngPow. Most of us were still busy doing our work due to the long CNY holiday.

I was just curious about the amount that the company will give, so I went down to the Lobby area to find out the amount. The moment i stepped out from the elevator, the entire Lobby was full and everyone was already queuing for their AngPow.


#3 We are today

#2 we should soon say

#1 in ECE the DiGi way

From three to one (321)

Will there be more surprises this year?



zewt said...

yau moooo.... such a big ang pow..... will the company be paying any bonus then?

yeemeng said...

normally sales staff will not get any bonus la.. but HR announced that, there will be performance bonus the next quarter lo.. =)

Andrew said...

wahhhh~ amazing angpow from the company!! =D super coolies =D